Best Recovery Meals For Bone Marrow Transplant Patients

The bone marrow is located inside longer bones in the body, especially the femur, tibia, and fibula as well as ulna and radius. The composition of the marrow includes fat cells and blood vessels that have the specific function of producing red blood cells, compounds that help to form clots, and immune cells. To function healthily, the bone marrow depends on food components that have specific nutrients in other to stay functional and healthy. This is why it is necessary for nutritional meals to be taken by a person recovering from marrow illness. Nutrition being an essential part of recuperation assists the body to resist infections and quickens the necessary repair of worn out tissues which are damaged as a result of chemotherapy. It is normal for the recuperating person not to have the appetite for food. It is expected that there are side effects in these kinds of situations, and these may include vomiting, as well as certain changes in taste. The best kinds of meals for such a person to take must include nutritional supplements, multivitamins, food that have calcium and phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Despite sticking to specific kinds of meals, there are also kinds of food that are a no-go for a marrow transplant survival, and alcohol is at the top of this list. Due to the transplant, liver function is usually considerably decreased, this is as a result of chemotherapy. Thus, it is best advised to totally avoid alcoholic beverages, especially because alcohol can lead to malnutrition.

Here are some of the most recommended foods to eat for recovering bone marrow transplant patients:
Fruits – No doubt fruits are necessary to everyone regardless if sick or not. There are so many nutrients with different benefits in our bodies which the bone marrow transplant need the most. Fruits that are rich in potassium would be the most recommended fruits to eat as it will help in the process of the body in making protein which makes the bones stronger.

Vegetables – It is also highly recommended to eat vegetables that are high in potassium regularly like tomatoes, spinach, pumpkin, potato and dried beans. Some doctors prescribe medicines that are high in potassium but it would be great if you have natural sources of it too.

Meat – Meat is also a good source of magnesium which is another nutrient that a body needs after bone marrow transplant. For sure, this is a good news for patients who are meat lovers.

Dairy products – If there is one nutrient that is most associated with bones, it will be calcium. Calcium is very important as it makes the bones stronger. Some dairy products that are high in calcium are milk (skimmed, low fat, whole), cottage cheese, yogurt, pudding and cream soup.

How Bone Marrow Transplant Can Affect Eyesight

Despite a number of bone transplant cases every year, many people are still unaware of this lifesaving procedure. Bone marrow is a very useful soft and spongy tissue that is found in our bones and is responsible for producing hematopoietic stem cells. Once produced, the stem cells can later develop in red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells. The bone marrow transplant helps to replace the stem cells that are faulty, cancerous or have been destroyed by the radiation or chemotherapy.
A study conducted recently by Kele University in Japan showed that after a transplant procedure, the transplanted immune cells can sometimes recognize the graft recipient as something foreign in a similar way the immune system can recognize a bacteria as a foreign thing. This may result in an attack on the host tissues, In case this attack takes place in the eyes, then it can lead to vision problem and excessive fibrosis.

The EMT (epithelial-mesenchymal transition) has been characterized by the change in the cells from the adherent to mobile and is now associated with a fibrotic disease. The studies are now explored on the role EMT plays in eyesight problem after a bone-marrow transplant. Several features of the EMT have been observed in the eyes after a patient undergoes bone marrow transplantation. Some of these features include up-regulation of the EMT markers and down-regulation of the adhesion molecules in the epithelial cells. With these results, there is an indication the EMT can partially be responsible for the fibrotic eye damage following the bone marrow transplant.

Another eyesight problem that the bone marrow transplant patient is likely to suffer is the GvHD (Graft versus host disease), which often attacks the eyes. For those who are not affected by GvHD, they’ll experience gritty, dry or irritated eyes. The remedy for this problem is simple eyes drops to reduce irritation and lubricate your eyes. Sometimes a patient can also suffer from cataracts which are cloudy patches commonly found in the eye’s lens. Cataracts can cause misty or blurred vision making it difficult to see at night. This condition is quite common with patients who have undergone a transplant. Once you experience this problem, it is important to see an ophthalmologist for specialist investigation.

Other problems associated with bone marrow transplant include fertility problems, skin changes, and joint aches. When it comes to fertility problems, chemotherapy which is normally associated with the bone marrow transplant causes the loss of masculinity or femininity. The GvHD is also responsible for skin problem in some patients. Patients will experience sensitive and drier skin for sometime after the transplant. This problem is normally caused by chemotherapy and certain medications. After your bone marrow transplant, you need to protect your skin by using sun creams and avoiding direct sunlight. Some patients have complained about the loss of strength, pains and aches in their joints and muscles. Others suffer from numbness and tingling in their feet. However, these problems do improve over time You can download flashlight app for Android for patients to help them in their day to day life while slowly recovering from the effect of the transplant to their eyesight especially at night.

Tips on How to Promote a Support Group Online

The era of digital space makes work easier and simpler in running any promotions. You have a support group and you want to create awareness of its existence. All you need is to take advantage of the online platforms to ensure that people would be able to view it even in the comfort of their homes. The power of digital space is that you have both the visible and invisible target audience who will have a chance to help you understand the functions of the groups. What are some of these online toolkits ideal for a support group?

Social media pages
The advent of smartphones makes work simpler and easier for marketing. For sure almost 80 percent of users have a smartphone and access to the internet. You can create a page of the support group and promote it online through the sharing facility available on the interface. In fact, you can use both the paid and unpaid versions of this application to increase the chances in which the support group reaches a wider market. Some of the social media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instapage instead. All these have an integrated platform in which you can always look at any of them at a glance.

Email marketing
The power of communication is such that at one point you can use the link to the social page and just send it using various marketing automation software to campaign and advocate for the online support group.

Email can be sent to various recipients. The power of the marketing application is such that it can reach a wider audience and also you can have an analysis of all the campaigns available within the interface. In the long run, you will have a chance to reach out to may partners and stakeholders about the online support group.

Affiliate marketing
Have you heard of internet marketing? It is a new trend in which you can always have a chance to entice people with goodies by just referring people to your site. This is a complex process which needs a little expertise as well some level of patience for it to come up and be successful.

Content marketing
What happens when you have a random search on the internet and you just get a site ranked its pages. This is the power of SEO. If people talk so much about your site it will be highly raked. That is why it is ideal to create content with keywords placed strategically on the content to allow an internet user to get the first information about your website.

As long as you have a website, you will have a good chance to enhance the presence of the support group online because you will now allow people to go directly to the link to get information about the group. Ensure when you use any of the online tools you put the link to the group for people who would be interested in know more about the support group.

Safe Activities to Do After Stem Cell Transplant

Modern healthcare facilities are progressing at a rapid pace. Newer innovations and techniques are being tried out in the field of medicine daily. The latest developments in medicine and medical procedures are doing a lot to enhance human life. Doctors and researchers around the world labor their lives away in the pursuit of improving the healthcare status quo.

The impact modern medicine has had on society is indisputable. Its lead to gains in average life expectancy around the world and brought down the birth mortality rate to the lowest levels possible. People today are much healthier on average than they have ever been before throughout the duration of human history.

Indeed, there are but only a handful of diseases and conditions that modern medical approach has yet to be able to tackle effectively and efficiently. One of the most pernicious and difficult to treat of these is cancer. Usually, diseases are caused by external factors and pathogens such are viruses or bacteria. However, in the case of cancer, the pathogen is the cells of one’s own body. Cancer is caused by mutated cells multiplying out of control.

Few innovative solutions for cancer have been investigated and are starting to be adopted. One of this is stem cell transplant. The procedure basically replaces unhealthy cancer cells in a patient’s body with healthy stem cells. One of the great advantages of this form of treatment is its short recovery period. This is because this treatment has fewer side effects than other methods such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. There are other popular forms of cancer treatment offered and instituted but in many of the cases, stem cell treatment remains the best option.

Due to stem cell replacement’s relatively minimal impact or damage, patients can recover quickly. It also means that the list of activities which are safe to do is liberal. This means activities like exercise or running are well within one’s physical reach.

Exercising is a wonderful way to keep fit and ensure your body remains in tip-top shape. One thing that many people neglect to realize is that a fit body fosters a fit mind. Aerobic activities are a wonderful way to meet this objective. The good thing about exercising as an activity is that there are many levels of participation. One can be a gym freak who spends hours every day at the gym or someone who dedicates only a few hours of a few days in a week to training at the gym. There are also other activities that can be done as an alternative working out at the gym like playing sports and you can find some sports equipment that you need here at PPG.

In modern culture, going to the gym is seen as the hip and cool thing to do. Celebrities and society at large promote active lifestyles all the time. An active lifestyle is vastly superior from a health point of view because it improves the fitness and strength of the body. This, in turn, makes the body less susceptible and vulnerable to disease and injury.

The fact that stem cell transplants don’t hinder exercising to any great extent means that patients are free to get their life back on track by participating in fitness related activities.