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About Us

BMT Support was started to encourage and motivate people to sign up and register as organ donors. We address various myths regarding organ donations and lay out the facts to help you make an informed decision.

We also encourage patients registered as organ donors, including their families. At BMT Support, we believe that being an organ donor presents every individual with an opportunity to positively impact the lives of Americans in need of organ donations to save their lives.

With hundreds of thousands of people awaiting organ donations in the US alone, there’s a need to create awareness on this issue. We endeavor to help people who want to become organ donors to do so. 

We’re an important link between patients and potential organ donors as well as transplant services across the US. We can also match organ donors with transplant services that help those who need organs.

If you’ve decided to become an organ donor, we highly recommend that you sign up as a donor. Apart from matching organ donors with transplant facilities, our website shares knowledge and expert resources on organ donation.

Most importantly, we help donors understand their rights and the options available when it comes to organ donations. An organ transplant is a huge milestone in medicine and the only way you can help advance this technology and continue to save more lives.

At BMT Support, we endeavor to continue improving the existing progress already made. Our platform is where interested persons can learn about organ donations and how to become a donor. 

Organ donation is a personal choice, but one that can impact your family. Therefore, it’s critical to have a discussion with your family and let them know that you’ve decided to become an organ donor.

We help those willing to donate organs to properly communicate with their families about this important decision. 

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