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Best Recovery Meals For Bone Marrow Transplant Patients

The bone marrow is located inside longer bones in the body, especially the femur, tibia, and fibula as well as ulna and radius. The composition of the marrow includes fat cells and blood vessels that have the specific function of producing red blood cells, compounds that help to form clots, and immune cells. To function healthily, the bone marrow depends on food components that have specific nutrients in other to stay functional and healthy. This is why it is necessary for nutritional meals to be taken by a person recovering from marrow illness. Nutrition being an essential part of recuperation assists the body to resist infections and quickens the necessary repair of worn out tissues which are damaged as a result of chemotherapy. It is normal for the recuperating person not to have the appetite for food. It is expected that there are side effects in these kinds of situations, and these may include vomiting, as well as certain changes in taste. The best kinds of meals for such a person to take must include nutritional supplements, multivitamins, food that have calcium and phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Despite sticking to specific kinds of meals, there are also kinds of food that are a no-go for a marrow transplant survival, and alcohol is at the top of this list. Due to the transplant, liver function is usually considerably decreased, this is as a result of chemotherapy. Thus, it is best advised to totally avoid alcoholic beverages, especially because alcohol can lead to malnutrition.

Here are some of the most recommended foods to eat for recovering bone marrow transplant patients:
Fruits – No doubt fruits are necessary to everyone regardless if sick or not. There are so many nutrients with different benefits in our bodies which the bone marrow transplant need the most. Fruits that are rich in potassium would be the most recommended fruits to eat as it will help in the process of the body in making protein which makes the bones stronger.

Vegetables – It is also highly recommended to eat vegetables that are high in potassium regularly like tomatoes, spinach, pumpkin, potato and dried beans. Some doctors prescribe medicines that are high in potassium but it would be great if you have natural sources of it too.

Meat – Meat is also a good source of magnesium which is another nutrient that a body needs after bone marrow transplant. For sure, this is a good news for patients who are meat lovers.

Dairy products – If there is one nutrient that is most associated with bones, it will be calcium. Calcium is very important as it makes the bones stronger. Some dairy products that are high in calcium are milk (skimmed, low fat, whole), cottage cheese, yogurt, pudding and cream soup.