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Easy activities for recovering bone marrow patients

If you or someone close to you is suffering from a bone marrow disease, then there are many ways to keep active and recover. This blog post will provide ten easy activities for recovering patients. It also includes tips on how to make the most of their time during treatment and information about what types of exercise can be done with different levels of mobility.

Get out of bed and take a walk around the hospital room

This is a great way to ensure that you get up and move around in your hospital room, which can be very important when recovering from bone marrow transplant surgery or other procedures.

You may have someone else with you while you walk so they can help support some of your weight if needed or push the IV pole for additional assistance. If you are still recovering from anesthesia, however, this activity is not recommended. While in bed or seated in a chair, ask for help to turn and position yourself so that your feet will be flat on the floor when standing up. This can make it easier to stand up after lying down for an extended time.

Talk to your visitors – they may be bored too.

While you’re in the hospital, your visitors are with you and may begin to get restless. Sometimes it can be hard for them to know what is best or how they can help you while still keeping themselves entertained! When recovering from a bone marrow transplant, there’s some downtime that we all need no matter where we live or who our caretakers are.

Your visitors can make this time much easier for you by bringing some easy activities with them! Here are our top five favorite DIY ideas that won’t take a lot of effort to pull off but will be so appreciated every single day.

Take a shower or bath, but don’t stay in for more than 15 minutes

Do not spend a long time on your feet. If you will get up for any reason, take it slow and use support, such as crutches or a walker. It may help relieve the pressure in your legs if you elevate them with pillows when sitting down. This also helps keep swelling at bay by keeping the blood from pooling in your feet.

Don’t do any housework, and ask others to help you with chores. If a family member or friend offers to clean your home for you while you recover, let them! Make sure they know not to exert too much energy (such as climbing ladders) so that everyone stays safe during the process.

Eat healthy food, such as salads and fresh fruits.

Doctors recommend that you eat various foods and aim to consume five servings each of fruits and vegetables every day. Eat healthy food such as salads and fresh fruit. Eating five servings of fruit and veggies daily is also encouraged by doctors for patients recovering from bone marrow treatments.

Drinking plenty of water keeps your body hydrated. Drinking lots of water helps keep the body hydrated. Get plenty of rest and sleep, as your immune system needs time to recover after treatment. Getting plenty of rest is essential for a recovering patient’s immune system. Fuel your body with nutritious foods to promote healing. Bone marrow is responsible for producing red blood cells in the human body, which carry oxygen around the body via our veins and other essential functions such as removing carbon dioxide (a waste product) through respiration when we exhale lactic acid after strenuous physical activity or exercise. Hence, it’s very critical if you have just undergone this procedure. Proper nourishment must be taken seriously since healthful eating will play a key role during recovery time.


Play board games or watch TV to pass the time.

For patients who are confined to their homes, they must have activities to do. Patients should be encouraged by family members and friends to stay active while recovering from a bone marrow transplant. A list of easy ideas for recuperating patients includes: playing board games like Monopoly or watching TV shows such as Supernatural on Netflix.


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 These are some easy exercises to get you started on the road to recovery. For more information, visit your doctor or physical therapist, and they can recommend an exercise plan that suits your needs. They may also provide a list of other resources for patients in need of assistance during their recovery process. The important thing is not to give up! You deserve this time off, so take it slow and enjoy every moment while healing from bone marrow treatment.